Mint to be thai drama

Arliyana Ittaqullah November 17, 0. Posting Komentar. Yah beberapa bulan belakangan ini lagi suka sama Thai Series. Kalo kebanyakan orang semakin kesini semakin gandrung sama Korea, tapi gatau kenapa semakin kesini saya semakin suka cari-cari series Thailand. Nah yang baru aja selesai dan udah kutonton sih The Gifted Kenapa ? Karena judul The Gifted ternyata di adaptasi dari The Gifted short movie tahun Jadi kalo diliat garis besarnya, kurang lebih ceritanya sama yah.

Song Huajai Nee Puea Tur

Dan agak bosen sih sama yang romantis-romantisan. Serial Drama Romantis yang diperankan oleh Krist Perawat. Kalo aku sih lebih ngefans Singto daripada Krist. Soal Mint To Be, makin kesini, jalan ceritanya agak gak menarik. No offense. Tiap nonton, ujung-ujungnya ngantuk dan alhasil ketiduranlah saya. Nah akhirnya ada Teaser The Gifted ini muncul dengan musik yang terkesan menakutkan. Secara keseluruhan, oohh ini Hogwarts-nya Thailand. Kalo liat teasernya sih bener-bener gak ada romantis-romantisnya.

Ini lebih ke drama science ficiton-lah.

mint to be thai drama

Anak-anak SMA yang ternyata memiliki kelebihan dari dalam dirinya, tapi beberapa dari mereka ternyata termasuk anak-anak yang bisa dibilang memiliki kemampuan akademik yang dibawah rata-rata. Lilly Apichaya Thongkham as Namtarn. Sinopsisnya kurang lebih seperti ini. Di satu angkatan memiliki 8 tingkatan kelas berdasarkan kepintaran akademik dengan urutan tertinggi berada di Grade I. Otomatis, Grade 8 menjadi kelas anak-anak dengan kepintaran yang dibawah rata-rata tersebut.I'm seen this drama twice before with other actors.

It's really a great story. I just finished watching ep 5. They really change the storyline. It's a lot different from the original script. The drama with Sam as Kaween was already great, but I'm glad for the change. Ken is doing a wonderful job as Kaween, must better than Brook a few years ago.

Hey, I really like the two songs of Sawan Biang. I also tried to download them on your webpage, but it didn't work. I wonder if you can send them to my hotmail? I will very appreciate you for helping. BTW, I don't understand Thai even a word, but because your English subtite Thai Drama, Thai dramas have became interesting and be more popular in our culture group. You rock!!!

Hi, thnx for uploading this series, I love it! Will you continue to upload the subbed series? Keep up your good work :. Hey there I hope you still remember me. It's Jennifer who watched lakorns translated by you since your first task.

mint to be thai drama

Just want to confirm if you are going to upload the rest of SB clips? I understand you have uploaded on youtube but it's easier for us to download and then watch without stop When I watched Sawan Biang and the love scenes came up I felt like I was watching a mother and her son together. That made me not want to watch Sawan Biang anymore. We'are waiting for next eps. Hiii Please when will you complete the remaining episodes. I love it soooo much Thanks for your hard working.

I'm new to this lakorn and within no times, fall in love for it. Could you upload the rest of the movies? Or maybe you can give yourself a donation box so you could continue the good work and we could donate to support your good work. It's been so long since 6. I think I have lost all hope. Hopefully, I'm wrong.

mint to be thai drama

Please when will you upload the rest. I would really love to see the rest because I am going crazy wondering what will happen. Please I beg you Please.Please refresh the page and retry.

T he Crown. Something we all know about: regal institution; glittery gem-encrusted headpiece; Netflix drama. The object we recognise evoked in the opening credits of the series is the Imperial State Crown - all brilliant-cut diamonds and stonking sapphires - which the Queen wears for the State Opening of Parliament. But this is just a stand-in.

The crown with which she was invested by the Archbishop of Canterbury in is another object altogether and one most people would struggle to sketch. So for the past 65 years it has gone unworn, locked up safely in the Jewel House at the Tower of London. Its story is as fascinating as any Bafta winner. The puritans who defeated Charles I in the civil war had gleefully disposed of the original medieval regalia: selling gems to the highest bidder and dropping the gold frames into the melting points of the mint to be recast as coins.

Charles II found the jewel house empty. The occasion was a sensation, the new regalia representing not just a new reign but the return of monarchy itself. T hose not on the guest list in had the option of queuing up afterwards to see the crown at the Tower of London, and it was during one such viewing, ten years later, that the only attempt to steal the Crown Jewels was made. The aptly-named Colonel Blood buttered up the keeper of the Jewel House over successive visits to the Tower, disguised as a vicar.

More by luck than tight security, Blood was brought down on the banks of the Thames before he could get away. The diamond-mad Georgians were unimpressed by its simple solid-gold frame which had been designed to imitate the medieval crowns melted down in But come the Edwardian era and a new enthusiasm for royal ceremonies, the very antiquity of the crown - and indeed its name - brought it back to the fore and it regained its place as the coronation crown of the English monarchy, used to crown George VI in and then Elizabeth II 16 years later.

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We've noticed you're adblocking. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. Thank you for your support.A flood could hit Bangkok, so, to avoid problems, BB and Bambam are sent by their mother, who is about to leave for New Zealand, to live with their grandmother in the countryside, like when they where kids. When BB meets Mint, her ex boyfriend when she was a teenager, she finds him very grown up; former motorpunk in the past, he is now fully dedicated to his garden.

Also BB changed through the years; she's now a famous net idol and she denies the time when she was a rebel teenager. Despite having a boyfriend, the closeness with Mint leads her to reconsider her feelings. At the same time, Bambam meets again Beau, a childhood friend who has always had a secret crush for her. Edit Translation. MDL v5. Feeds Articles Trailers Watch Online. TV Shows. Top Actors Add New Person. Lists Forums Contributors.

Edit this Page Edit Information. Watch Trailer. Buy on Amazon. Add to List. Ratings: 7. Score: 7. Add Cast. Krist Perawat Sangpotirat Mint. Mook Worranit Thawornwong Bebe. White Nawat Phumphothingam Bo. Nara Thepnupha Bambam. Toptap Jirakit Kuariyakul Wave.Petite Thai girl tries anal with BBC. Malee is a super fuckable, Thai babe with big tits. Petite StickyAsian18 Dee pays rent part 2.

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The story of Tharatorn Mario Maurera young businessman owner of a furniture company who is oppressed and moody alongside his partner high-so Champagne Pat Napapaa famous celebrity, dreams of marrying Tharatorn one day, but Tharatorn actually always has an image of a certain girl who is always in his head, a girl he doesn't know but always appears in his dreams.

Tharatorn found out that Thanon Kratoomhead of company maybe, behind Mario cheated the company's finances so Tharatorn fired him immediately and everyone was intimidated by this, not because of his anger, but because of an unusual power that made the lights in the room explode.

However, no one knows that the cause of this accident was due to Tharatorn. Mor Krit NonTharatorn's only friend, explains that he may have a power called Telekinesis- a power that destroys objects without you physically doing it. Krit also has the role of Tharatorn's psychiatrist, because he has an illness called Dissociative Identity Disorder as well, a disorder where your gestures and behaviour resembles a completely different person and one where you can't remember anything about yourself at all.

Korn Punjan and Kewalin Minttwo siblings who live with each other by themselves because their parents are somewhere in another province. Apart from being a singer, Korn is also a volunteer at a fundraising company?

Ai Phu Freud had fallen in love with Kaewalin since high school and Phu is the only one who seems to see ghosts.

A radio broadcast reported an accident. Tharatorn saw Kewalin for the first time and felt very mesmerised but Kewalin only focused on the injured person, not realising that Tharatorn was near her. However, on the same night, Tharatorn was at Kewalin's house, collapsing upon her.

He doesn't remember himself, and called Kewalin "Gao", and titling himself as "Mek". Mek doesn't know anything around him in his surroundings, as if he came from the Boran period. Next morning, Mek disappears. Tharatorn is also confused because Kewalin is like the girl that he dreams of and Kewalin is also confused as Tharatorn is very similar to Nai Mek but why can't Tharatorn remember her at all?

Korn made Anima's friend heartbroken so she wanted revenge. Tharatorn had Kewalin be his assistant, making her wear decent clothes and "prettying" her, which did not fit well with Champagne. Mor Krit concluded that the person who stimulates Tharatorn's power the most is Kewalin.

Kewalin's father Jom explained the history of their family exactly the same as Mek did. Kewalin's mother Jieb explained that they were an old family who had a servant called Mek and got promoted as a servant who saved lives in their family, entitled as a loyal person to their kingdom.

They had old letters from their family, and pictures of Kun Wharong, who looked like Tharatorn and a picture of Khun Gao, who looked like Kewalin, but unfortunately they did not have a picture of Mek. In the past, they were two different people I assume they are talking about Mek and Warong? If it is like this, how did Mek come to be in Tharatorn's body? Tharatorn suspects that someone is always observing him and Kewalin so Tharatorn brings Kewalin with him to a temple to make merits.

Once Kewalin enters the door, everything around her transformed to the past. Tharatorn turns into Khun Warong, and she is Gao. When she steps outside the door, everything turns into normal. This caused confusion for Kewalin, while Tharatorn did not even share the same experience. Champagne is worried, and asks Tharatorn to marry her, threatening him about her dad.

But finally, Champagne is the one who stops their relationship when she finds out that Tharatorn doesn't even love her. The whole time she was thinking it herself. She turns to Korn, finding out that Korn is Kewalin's brother who leaves her, going to Anima who is Tharatorn's sister. Knowing this, she is very angry and collaborates with Thanon but revealing the fact that Thanon is her actual father.

When she doesn't get what she wants, she will destroy everyone. In the past, Khun Warong falls in love with Gao, Mek too, is in love with her and will forever be her servant. Gao falls in a lake, and Mek saves her, embracing her with love, while Gao does not know that his embrace is telling her this and didn't even know he was doing it. Khun Warong witnesses this and wants to sentence Mek to death. Parallel to this, Champagne and Thanon are concocting a plan in the present, both problems reflect the past and present.When Wayo has the chance to become the "moon" of his faculty, the two will begin to spend time together because Phana himself has been the "moon" of the medical school the previous year and must supervise the freshmen participating in the competition.

Despite initially the strong character of Phana makes it difficult for Wayo any more simple interaction, the two slowly get closer and closer. So, Wayo began to visit friends of Phana, Beam and Kit; it is the latter who suddenly falls in love with Ming, Wayo's best friend, who begins to court him despite his initial haste.

Dai Mai sigla finale ep. The series will be divided into 3 seasons, with a total of 36 episodes. Created with by ThemeXpose. Wayo is accepted at the Kantaphat University, in the Faculty of Sciences; in the same institution he studies, Phana, a second-year boy he has always been in love with, though he never managed to talk to him. Newer Posts. Older Posts. Follow Us. Sanatorium For Love. Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency.

2 Moons: The Series เดือนเกี้ยวเดือน

When The Camellia Blooms. You Are My Answer. I Wanna Hear Your Song. Prince Coffee Lab. Nine Kilometers of Love.

mint to be thai drama


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